Process Improvement that Always Pays Back

Our Mission and Passion


We have the experience, knowledge, skills, a unique processing system, and a history of consistently proven results for nearly three decades in hundreds of plants and thousands of the most optimized work cells throughout the Western Hemisphere (and Europe) to

Help your enterprise succeed and grow 

by making your plant, customizing operation, distribution center, or frankly any process involving a series of tasks, more effective. This yields greater productivity, lower labor cost, quicker throughput for better delivery, more flexibility to handle product variation, a safer work environment for associates, minimal finished and work-in-process inventories, and a make-to-order capability. Moreover, the system requires reduced space, results in job enrichment and more staff involvement, and if implemented with a recommended and unique gain-sharing plan, as well as higher earnings opportunity -- making your operation more attractive and rewarding for employees as well.

It’s a win-win-win for the enterprise, its customers, and its employees -- and through all -- the community at-large. 

By dramatically improving your processes to increase your competitiveness to be #1 in your field

How We Work

Initial Analysis/Re-Engineering
We first conduct an onsite analysis of your current process while learning from you your product range in terms of production requirements and variations by model, your required output capacity and variations in seasonality, and your target capacity for future growth

We spend two-three days on site as required and video the current process for study off-site, gather data to benchmark your current situation and competitive needs; we always sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement which protects both our proprietary data and ensures you can be totally open with your information, so the resulting recommendations are accurate and truly meet your needs.

We then re-engineer your process into a better, more  productive flow – providing comparative data on before and after results, the projected labor costs at targeted pay and benefit levels, your necessary investment if hardware is required, your payback and return-on-investment  so you know upfront what is involved and what you can expect

As part of our recommendations, we provide line layouts  and floor plans, details on equipment, station configurations and design,   projected staffing at various volumes, training curves and needs for cross-training in tasks as we convert your staff from batch specialists to multi-functional participants in teams

We typically propose a project involving two teams (if required) as they compete, speeding training and overcoming the skepticism      that the dramatic change can work; while the study involves a fee and      expenses (transport and related, hotels, and rental car at cost), it      always pays back in terms of the improvement recommendations.


Supplementary Services Available through Affiliate

We also work with an affiliate which can help you implement the recommended cells in several areas, giving you a complete source for turn-key projects.

Specialized Equipment Supply

  • The affiliate can supply the specialized machinery, work-aids, and accessories
  • This also may involve conversion of your existing equipment to specialized line application as you move to a continuous flow     production model – we always propose saving your current equipment as long as it is reliable and offers optimum productivity (you may decide to   compromise potential to reduce investment, but you will know the impact to make an informed decision)

Installation, Set-Up Services and Staff-Line Training

  • They also provide as a third and fourth legs of the stool – installation and proper set-up on site -- and training of both      supervisors and line staff in its operation and technicians on the  equipment maintenance and repair 
  • We propose that you first install a pilot system of two  lines, so we maintain the integrity of the design and give you a working      model which attains the target results and then is easily duplicated by  a combination of our services and your desired support level




Over our nearly three decades of work we have many accomplishments:

· Achieved a 75% reduction in labor cost in a mechanical assembly conveyorized process which produced electronic audio equipment for automotive applications

· We attained a 98% next day shipment goal for an on-line business specialty company’s supplier which took orders up to 9 p.m. the prior day and shipped the following day without excess labor costs but as a routine – hitting 100% when all materials were available

· In the labor-intensive skilled sewn products industry (one of the most competitive marketplaces), we have consistently achieved on average a 33% labor reduction yielding a 50% productivity increase and with better quality

· We have designed and implemented many specialty make-to-order processes, for example, in medical devices on orthopedic products (and even on apparel and sewn products in such areas as jeans, sublimated goods, flags, and others such as furniture)

· From our work in sewn products we implemented a highly-successful rental uniform customizing processing line which has improved quality, delivery, and costs by increasing productivity by nearly 100% on average

· We redesigned a specialty electronics product assembly line and cut labor costs by 25% through reduced handling and our system’s unique balanced flow concept which automatically adjusts to process and product variations

· Even in mass production of consistent products, we have achieved enormous gains by cutting handling and optimizing flow and labor utilization – we had a 40% reduction at a company making 12,500 units per shift and operating two shifts daily; had a 30% labor reduction at a plant making 8,000 units per day; and dramatically increased capacity availability at small-medium plants with the same sized labor force, eliminating costly moves and expansions

· Improved effectiveness of plants with as few as three employees and as many as several thousand

· We have achieved results throughout the Americas from Canada through Latin America and in Europe at plants in several different countries  


Industries Served


L. J. Egan Associates and its affiliate provides its engineering, implementation and related services to a variety of operations including but not limited to:

· Mechanical-electronics or other product assembly

· Processing lines

· Warehouses and Distribution facilities

· Packaging lines optimizing specialty and automated equipment

· Several specialized industries with unique product and operational requirements and where our success has made us the go-to source for help on lean processing

o Sewn Products operations

o Uniform Rental/Direct Sale

· But we have also addressed administrative processes such as order processing, inspection, and others – so call and we will provide an honest answer if we can help as you describe your need

And we have handled assembly of very large products such as huge flags and boat covers to very small assemblies such as electronic speakers, complex assembly of specialty electronics to simple production of napkins, from Fortune 500 Companies to small family-run operations, and many other examples    

Next Steps

To get started on the road to world class processes contact us today:

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